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  • 11.30.2006

    What Does Nativity Mean?

    Of course nativity speaks of birth. But “The
    Nativity” speaks of Christ’s birth. What does
    Christ’s birth mean for us?

    Christ was born of a virgin. He was the
    “seed of the woman” promised in the beginning of
    the Old Testament (Genesis 3:15)

    Christ was (and is) God-become-Man.
    “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among
    us.” (John 1:14). God took on a human body, a
    human soul, a human mind. As a child, He
    learned and grew. As a man, He felt temptation
    and weakness (hunger, thirst, exhaustion). He also
    suffered and died--all without sin or hint of failure.

    This Christ can bring a person back to
    One man said, “God treated Christ as
    though Christ lived my life, so that He could treat
    me as though I lived Christ’s life.” This exchange
    is declared by God when the sinner puts faith--and
    faith alone--in the God-Man: Jesus Christ.

    This is part of what “Nativity” means.


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