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  • 11.09.2006

    Why Does God Seem to Hide?

    Some folks don’t believe in God because He
    seems to be “hidden.” “Where is He?” they ask.
    “If God exists, why doesn’t He come down and
    say something?”

    But this is exactly what the New Testament
    says has happened! God came into human
    history and spoke. God, the Son, walked among
    human beings revealing to us what God is like.
    Yet--even then--Christ spoke in parables. These
    stories accomplished two purposes:

    1. To reveal His message to willing listeners.
    2. To conceal it from the unwilling. (Matthew 13:10-15).

    The evidence for God’s existence does not
    grab us by the back of the neck and shake us. But
    God has given plenty of evidence in nature and a
    storehouse of truth in Scripture to make our belief
    rational. God is not hiding. He’s looking for willing
    eyes and ears.

    If we humble our hearts and seek
    Him, we can find Him.


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