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  • 11.20.2006


    Yes, Christians can struggle with doubts about Christianity. Near the end of his life, John the Baptist, one who believed in Christ had to ask Jesus, “Are you the Coming One, or do we look for another?” Jesus simply encouraged John.

    Doubt is a part of being human.

    C.S. Lewis said:

    “Now that I am a Christian I do have moods in which the whole thing looks very improbable: but when I was an atheist I had moods in which Christianity looked terribly probable. This rebellion of your moods against your real self is going to come anyway. This is why Faith is such a necessary virtue: unless you teach your moods “where they get off,” you can never be either a sound Christian or even a sound atheist, but just a creature dithering to and fro, with its beliefs really dependent on the weather and the state of its digestion.”*

    Be encouraged. Search for truth. Christ is well able to help us see Him for who He is.

    *C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (New York; Macmillan, 1960), pp. 123-124.


    At 4:39 PM, Blogger Joe said...

    In those times of doubt and confusion, He is closer than ever.


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