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  • 11.29.2005

    Gabriel's Poem

    The third poem in the play, "A Christmas Celebration"
    See my last post for an explanation...

    Gabriel’s Poem

    Proud kings and fierce emperors wage their wars.
    Nations rage and rebel through the ages.
    Man thinks of himself, of himself alone
    As wise ones, scholars, masters, and sages.

    The sun rises then sets to rise again.
    Wind pursues the south to whirl around north.
    Rivers seek seas that refuse to fill up,
    Returning to homes from whence they came forth.

    Infants commence to grow up in this world.
    Children enjoy its innocent pleasures.
    Strong men, young women enter their sorrows.
    Ancient ones find how short a life measures.

    “Are we here for a reason?” man inquires.
    “Is there hopeful purpose beyond ourselves?
    Does life merely cycle and cycle on?”
    Into these questions the human heart delves.

    Though the years show the sky to be silent,
    The plan of redemption is unfolding.
    Carpenter, maiden, and shepherds make part
    Of eternal ways God is revealing.

    Take hope! Take hope! Lift up your sad faces.
    Dare to hear the prophetic word of old.
    To Bethlehem Ephratah God will come,
    Just as the true prophet Micah foretold!

    4th - 6th Grade Sing: Come Thou Almighty King
    Written by John Rush

    These poems are copyrighted by John Rush 2005.
    If you would like to use them, just let me know. I know they’re not the "end all" of holiday poetry and I’m not charging anything for my plays/programs. But I would like to know if they’re being used.


    At 11:23 AM, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

    Thats really great.

    At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Janel P. said...

    What brought about the burst of poetry? :) No, seriously, I know the program will be a blessing and challenge to those who hear it this year. The Lord has blessed you with a unique way of communicating through your writing. I'd be interested in getting a copy of the program for future use. Will be praying for you all on the 6th.

    At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Your poetry is on target. You point us not only to the Christ child, but to our Saviour. Thanks.


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