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  • 11.28.2005

    Christmas Season Upon Us

    Christmas time is a busy time. From company parties to school plays to church programs--everyone is under the gun to get it done! I thrive on it. It does not depress me at all. It just wears me out in a good, wholesome, exhausted sort of way.

    The last few years, I have written Christmas programs and simple plays for a Christian school in the area. This year, the school and my church are performing the same script for their respective programs. The play, for now, is called "A Christmas Celebration." It contains a modern day story juxtaposed (good word, huh?) with the Christmas story. It has transitions where children quote poetry and sing (You've never seen anything like that before, I'm sure...)

    Anyway, in the interest of the holiday season, I thought I'd post the three poems I wrote into the play. The first poem reflects the flow of the script and is quoted by our really, really little kids. Hence, it is not too complicated. Here goes...


    I’m thankful Mary desired to obey.
    She trusted the Lord to work in her life.

    Her heart would break before it was over,
    But God would answer man’s sin and man’s strife.

    God speaks, and the world will not be the same.
    Poor common people a part of His plan,

    Eternity breaks a sin blasted world--
    God our Beloved One now as a Man!

    Chorus Sings: The Doxology -Praise Him, Praise Him medley.


    I guess I'll call the next one "Mary Rejoices." It is for the older students around 2nd-3rd grade.


    Mary rejoices in God.
    The commandment she obeys.
    Favored among all women,
    Trusting her Lord’s sov’reign ways.

    Joseph, hurting but faithful,
    Loves his Lord and loves his bride;
    Not knowing his crucial role,
    His sorrow he seeks to hide.

    Gabriel gives God’s message.
    The angel declares the Plan.
    Not grasping God’s great wisdom,
    Obeys and brings hope to man.

    Humbling Himself for all men,
    Christ willingly suffers loss.
    Found in fashion as a man--
    Born to die upon a cross.

    God the Father loves the world,
    Sending His beloved Son.
    Judging our great transgressions,
    A vict’ry o'er death He’s won!

    Adam, to Moses, to Christ,
    God’s mercy and law and grace,
    Are shown to Jew and Gentile
    To redeem our helpless race.

    Eternal to eternal,
    The story in time now starts.
    Millions gladly received it,
    Yet it waits for your own hearts.

    Sing: Tell Me the Story of Jesus

    I'll save the last poem for another post....
    Anyway, that's the start of my Christmas spirit blogging...

    These poems are copyrighted by John Rush 2005.
    If you would like to use them, just let me know. I know they’re not the "end all" of holiday poetry and I’m not charging anything for my plays/programs. But I would like to know if they’re being used.


    At 10:06 AM, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

    Good stuff.

    At 3:25 PM, Blogger Joe said...

    John, has anybody told you that you write good stuff?

    "juxtaposed"? Wow! A $3.00 word!

    At 3:26 PM, Blogger Joe said...

    Hey! What happened to my comment?

    It was:

    John, has anybody ever told you that you write good stuff?

    "juxtaposed?" Wow! A $3.00 word!

    At 10:12 PM, Blogger Jeremy Weaver said...

    I didn't know you were a poet!
    Good stuff.

    At 9:21 AM, Blogger Rose~ said...

    That is beautiful, JRush!

    At 3:15 PM, Anonymous stephany said...

    You are a talented man! I would like a copy of that play. I am already on the hunt for something for our church for next year. Your play sounds perfect too cause I'll need to include kids and adults.



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