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  • 3.22.2010

    “You believe that healthcare is a right, don’t you?”

    What a loaded question.

    But, I have never heard a Republican answer it well. After America's tragedy last night, the answer may come too late.

    But here goes:

    Our rights have an order:

    #1. You have to be alive to have any other rights: The Right to Life.

    #2. You have to have Liberty before you can Pursue any kind of Happiness: The Right to Liberty.

    #3. Life and Liberty make the Pursuit of Happiness possible: The Pursuit comes last.

    These rights come from God. Government can only protect or violate them. It doesn't give or take away.

    America's government was instituted to secure our rights by protecting the individual from tyranny.

    Obamacare assaults our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Life: Obamacare will most certainly fund abortion with the tax payer's money. Only those willing to be deceived (Bart Stupak, et. al), cannot see that. America has crossed many lines, but not this one--until last night.

    Liberty: Isn’t it interesting how the “right” to healthcare has morphed into a “mandate?”

    Healthcare is the only “right” I’m aware of that requires police and bureaucratic powers to force it upon us.

    For the first time in history, Washington now commands every citizen to purchase health insurance--or else.

    Or else what?

    Or else seventeen thousand IRS agents will come threatening fines, or worse. If a citizen cannot see that this is oppressive, question his ability to see the self-evident.

    Pursuit of Happiness: Inside this right is the right to property. Obamacare undermines that right by higher taxes. For examples, taxes on investment income--newly acquired property. So much for prosperity and social mobility.

    Also, inside this Pursuit, is the desire for quality healthcare. It is axiomatic that government controlled healthcare will decrease quality. This won’t make anyone happy: from the unborn to terminally ill.

    These are the beginning of our complaints.

    Because Obamacare fails to secure our rights (indeed, it undermines them) we should repeal it immediately--and dismiss anyone from office who would force it upon us.

    Let's not be deceived.


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