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  • 9.13.2005

    10 Reasons Why I Like Fall

    1. Dry Air. After having lived in high desert country in the Rockies, I found the humidity in East Tennessee to be a real challenge!

    2. Fires. I like the smell of burning leaves, camp fires, and wood stoves. I like to stand by a good fire and look at the sky at night.

    3. Cool Air. Just something about it.

    4. Fewer Bugs. I hate bugs.

    5. Harvest Theme. East Tennessee knows how to decorate for fall like I’ve never seen. The pumpkins, corn stalks, squash, bails of hay. My wife is good at putting these together.

    6. Thanksgiving. Call me “out of step,” but I’m stupid enough to love my country--and I’m thankful for her heritage.

    7. Waiting in the Woods. I like seeing the black starry sky turning grey, yellow light coming up gradually over a green field in the distance. Blue sky, white clouds. Good stuff.

    8. Muzzleloader Season. I enjoy the process of hunting with black powder.

    9. Rifle Season. I enjoy the high powered report of the rifle.

    10. The Surprise Appearance. Deer have a way in the woods. Sometimes you can see or hear them coming, but often they just appear. A terrific animal.


    At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Reason I love the fall, you can take really cool Pictures
    I like the post ;-D

    At 4:12 PM, Blogger John Rush said...


    The trees in the Smokey Mountains will be turning to their many colors soon. It will draw a lot of people to East Tennessee. I get to live here!


    At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    One of these days if I can talk DH, into it I want to see the Smokey Mountains, We have pretty fall colors here too, but I don't think this year will be it, 2 years ago we went to New York State, got to see the fall colors, for a hillbilly from Missouri, that was something! I took about 14 rolls ;-D

    At 9:17 AM, Anonymous temsah said...

    I read this text. it was memorable.
    I like fall too. I & my wife discuss about fall. I live in fall every year. I am iranian & I live in iran. north of iran have very good falls.colorful & greaming.
    good luck

    At 10:05 AM, Blogger John Rush said...


    It was an honor to have you stop by my blog. You have an advantage that I do not: You can read my blog, but I cannot read yours! The picture of your child was very nice. I too have young children. They are great, aren't they!

    I hope you come back and read my response to you.



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