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  • 8.15.2005

    A Blogger's Introduction

    I do not intend my web log to be an outlet for telling people the funny statements of my three-year-old son or for sharing the latest word in my one-year-old daughter’s budding vocabulary. However, when people meet, or old friends catch up, some introduction is in order. I live in east Tennessee with my lovely wife Ruth and my two children: Ethan and Abigail. As good east Tennesseans, we have a wood pile out back, a gravel driveway, and a view of the mountain out front. Using his trusty orange tipped rifle from Wal-mart, my son has killed many a deer (and bear) who happen to wander through our living room . (Someday he’ll get a chance at real game, and I look forward to showing him how.) Abigail enjoys reading her picture books and trying to keep up with Ethan. Ruth is a full-time mom and a part-time R.N. And she is stuck with me, a lucky guy. I pastor a small church in the moutains. There’s a creek that we use for baptism on the other side of the road.

    This, of course, is not the sum total of our lives, but it is a good snapshot--for those who are interested.

    I called my original blog Two Polished Pennies because I know that my thoughts are going to be the ramblings of just an average man--an average man who desperately wants to know our extraordinary God revealed through His Son Jesus Christ. The thoughts found there are just like here: my two cents worth polished as brightly as I can make them shine--but two cents nonetheless. It will be left to the scholars and power-brokers to change the world. But I wanted to focus more on "anvil and fire" type issues. So I enter the blogosphere. Let’s ride.


    At 12:03 AM, Blogger DOGpreacher said...

    Good to meet you and your family John. I have noticed your comments on a few other blogs, and wanted to check out your blog. I am enjoying the reading. From the descriptive of this post, I would say that God has indeed blessed you....I am...

    grateful for grace.


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